Sculpt Face

The « Sculpt-Face© » is a patented subcutaneous intervention instrument.

The SCULPT-FACE is made in France by a manufacturer that has several decades of experience in the medical device industry, with worldwide recognition in Europe, Asia, and the US, where it has FDA certification.

The SCULPT-FACE  is made through an highly technical assembly process with high quality materials complying with rigorous standards and carrying various international certificates.

Doctor Haddad has been one of the pioneers of aesthetic medicine since the late 70s he is also the President and founder of the French National syndicate of Plastic medicine. Aesthetic medicine, which used to be reduced to mere injections, has now developed into a much broader array of possible interventions, and technics.

Nowadays, it is possible to rejuvenate, correct, and beautify any parts of a face or body by literally sculpting them. Most of the filling products made of Hyaluronan (or Hyaluronic Acid) have reached such a level of security and technicality that it is now possible to obtain results that are increasingly close to those of plastic surgery.

Several types of cannulas are available on the market today, so what makes Sculpt-Face© better?

Sculpt Face Spatula Tip